Theatre Of War

Theatre Of War 3.3

Theatre of War makes World War II real-time strategy seem fresh

The real-time strategy and the most bloody military confrontation are united in a single title, with a satisfactory result. A very heightened realism that will determine the outcome of the more tactical battles that have been seen in a war game.
Theatre of War is a new strategy game in real time it takes place in the most common scenarios among this video game genre, the Second World War.

However, Theatre of War gives you a really interesting feature: an incredible realism in the surroundings, especially in its extension. Prepare yourself to experience the greatest conflict of the twentieth century with acres and acres of land.

To help you to enjoy that experience, developers have created an interface capable of controlling all your troops quickly and easily, thanks to which they can be grouped according to their category: infantry, mechanized and so on.

This game is intended to make us feel closer to what the most important battles of that war were like, and its base in order to achieve that is strong historic loyalty and impressive graphics.

Graphically, Theatre of War looks very positive, because the details level of the units is very high. Recreated from tanks, soldiers and actual locations, you can not fail to admire. The trouble is that having such a huge extent of land, we can feel it is somewhat "empty".

María Noel Balla
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  • Full World War II gaming experience


  • A slight feeling of emptiness due to huge scenarios
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